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Mama King

  • I’ve waited a hundred years, but I’d wait a million more for you. Nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do.

    If I had only felt the warmth within your touch. If I had only seen how you smile when you blush, or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough. Well I would have known what I was living for all along what I’ve been living for.

    Your love is my turning page where only the sweetest words remain. Every kiss is a cursive line. Every touch is a redefining phrase.

    I surrender who I’ve been for who you are. For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart. If I had only felt how it feels to be yours. Well I would have known what I’ve been living for all along what I’ve been living for.

    Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell. When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well. With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees.
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LIKES: Basketball , Alice In Wonderland , Peaches , Bright Pink , Tigger , Glitter , Braids , Backpacks, Dresses , Ballet , Glasses (anyones) , Cupcakes , Chesire Cats , Bath , Ariel , Reading , Spaghetti , Riding in Max's car , Posing for pictures , Tinkerbell , Simone & Max , Josh's Singing , Rise of the Guardians , Pizza 1D

DISLIKES: Fries , Mad Hatter , Cinderella , Headbands , Winter , Dolls , Showers , Orange Juice , Barbie , Hamburgers , Hats , Skirts , Painting , Mommy's singing , Butter , Lion King

TRAITS: Respectful , Resilient , Self-control (sometimes) , Curiosity , Honest (brutally) , perfectionist , Easily Distracted , Intense

NICKNAMES: Kae , Kally, Kaely-K, Princess
AGE: 4 | July 21, 2010 (1:27 a.m.)

HEIGHT: 3'3"
WEIGHT: 40 lbs
HAIR: light brown
EYES: blue

GRADE: Pre-School
EXTRA CURRICULARS: Dance , Karate , Basketball , Teeball

BIOLOGICAL PARENTS: Anders Kwellers & Samantha King
PLAYED-BY: Honor Warren
Kaelyn is the epitome of a girly girl. She loves going shopping with her mom and picking out her own clothing. She's pretty good at it too for the most part. While she is good about the rules of matching, and what goes with what from watching her mom and her aunt. She can almost always be found sporting a cute dress or flats and leggings. Her favorite item is a bright pink peacoat her grams bought her for her birthday.

Usually she can be found with her fingernails painted, and trying hard to slide out of the house in her moms make-up. It rarely ever happens that she gets passed her mom, but Sam does occasionally let her play dress up for her birthday.

Her light brown hair is usually pulled up into a curly ponytail, but if she can talk her mom into braids she can easily be found running around with them. It's still girly but she likes that they stay out of her way if she's running around with her uncle Max.
LIKES: Dinosaurs , Apples , Backpacks, Glasses (anyones), Bath ,Being Read to , Spaghetti , Josh's Singing , Fries , Hats , Mommy's Singing

DISLIKES: Carrots , Hats , Aladdin

TRAITS: Quiet, Happy , Easily Distracted ,

NICKNAMES: Lolo, Lo, LT, King
AGE: 23 Months (youngest by 30 minutes)

WEIGHT: 19 lbs
HAIR: Dirty Blond
EYES: Green


BIOLOGICAL PARENTS: Joshua & Samantha King
PLAYED-BY: Kingston Rossdale
Logan is a quiet baby (as in not too huge on the crying) unless he is really needing something. (i.e.: diaper changes, food, rarely being sick.) On the rare occasion, that he is just in the mood to be loud, turn on the stereo put him in his car seat, boppy swing, or just plain hold him and he'll relax. It's easier to put him in the swing though. Even though he enjoys noise, just make sure it isn't too loud. Keep it a little lower than what you'd consider normal and he'll be cool. Or you can just call daddy. He loves hearing him sing, and for some reason loves to hear his mother's "singing" too. Even if no one else does.

Despite Logan's lack of crying over spilled milk, he just found her voice & he's been using it, by scream/squealing whenever he feels like it. Not for attention. Just because he can. He tends to do it at the most random times as well. If it's too quiet in the room, expect screaming, need to be on the phone, it's possible it will start up. Just a warning. Granted this also goes for his talking. The few words he does know, he will use them in a form of conversing with himself or whoever is in the room.

Has a habit of smiling or laughing and dodging. In other words, he tends to see you, smile and or laugh and turn away from you or bury his head in his holder's neck or chest. It's possible he'll start thinking it's a game you're trying to play with her. Be careful of that.

Hates the pacifier. You can put it in his mouth as much as you like but it's never gonna stay in there for more than a minute. If you're thinking that's how you're going to calm him down, you're sadly mistaken. He won't start screaming if it happens to fall out of his mouth, he'll just go back about his business and stare off doing his thing.

Enjoys just going for walks. Be it around the house, or outside in the sun. Sam thinks, it's got something to do with the bouncing motion when the person holding her walks.
LIKES: Oranges, headbands, bunnies, daddies singing, sofia the first, rain, screaming (not crying), no, hi

DISLIKES: kitties, hats, peas, apples, thunder, mommys singing

TRAITS: Loud, Curious, happy

NICKNAMES: Row, RoRo, Princess, Pipes
AGE: 23 months (oldest by 30 minutes)

WEIGHT: 18 lbs
HAIR: dark brown
EYES: green


BIOLOGICAL PARENTS: Joshua & Samantha King
PLAYED-BY: India Rose Hemsworth
Has a habit of smiling or laughing and dodging. In other words, she tends to see you, smile and or laugh and turn away from you or bury her head in her holder's neck or chest. It's possible she'll start thinking it's a game you're trying to play with her. Be careful of that too.

njoys mimicking people and when people mimic her (For Ex: She squeals, you squeal.) If you're anywhere in her vicinity (five inches from her face or less) and you make a face, give her a second and she'll attempt to do it herself. However, do not start playing this game if you don't plan to play it for a little while, that might lead to her getting a little testy at the fall off. Expect some type of attention screaming if you get bored and she doesn't.

Love. Love. LOVES her daddies voice. If she's screaming or crying. Your best bet is to find Josh. He starts talking and she calms right down. Doesn't matter the reason.

When she was born it was determined that she would become deaf by her fifth birthday. By the time she was seventeen months. Her hearing was completely gone. She went in for the surgery and as of February 2015 her implant has been working and keeping her attention.

Rowan is NOT a fan of the whole bathing thing just yet. She will pretty much freak out whenever she's near water. A foot or less and she flips out until it's over and done with, expect lots of angry screaming or crying until she's dried off and in something warm.

She has a velveteen rabbit that she likes sleeping with. Not that she can't sleep without it, because once she's tired herself out enough she'll go out like a light, but it's easier to put her out with the bunny near her. He's also another excellent way to get a laugh or smile out of her when she's unhappy.

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